“I am thrilled that everyone who purchases from ‘Kate Clare’, knows they are getting a top notch product, created with love and worthy of the most deserving of recipients”

Before I created ‘Kate Clare’, I was just your average 20-something with a qualification in Accounting under her belt and a job within her field.  Knowing that my ultimate goal would be to work for myself one day, I began to take the necessary steps to make that dream a reality and so began my first venture; an online licensed party supplies shop.

Then one day, it hit me.  I wasn’t happy with the direction my business was going – there was no creativity, no imagination (something that I’m EXTREMELY passionate about).  I found myself competing with an ever expanding list of competitors, a lot of which were home based businesses selling the same products as me.  I wanted something that would be unique to each of my customers in their own special way, something that could be treasured and help build up the excitement of the day.

I was concerned, however, that competing against the mass produced, licensed characters, would deter party planners from my products as my designs were theme based and not character based.

But then my designs started selling in my Etsy shop, Invites and Extras and it was then that I knew that I was heading in the right direction.

With this boost of confidence, I set out to design the most visually inspired, fun, upbeat and not to mention exclusive invitation designs for the most creative (and self proclaimed ‘not so’ creative) party planners of the world.

It turns out that things wouldn’t be as easy as I had planned.

Having to quit my corporate job due to health issues, getting those health issues under control and having trouble finding another job closer to home were just some of the things that would put a pause on this path.

Once I found a job locally and started getting life back on track I decided to start a fresh with my business too, with a new look,  and new name; and so ‘Kate Clare’ was created.

After hours and hours at my computer, researching themes, colours, patterns and designs, and fighting the constant self doubt creeping in about whether I could truly succeed in a handmade focused business that I loved, I created and released my first official product line for ‘Kate Clare’ and the response since has been amazing.

I can’t wait to share with you all ‘Kate Clare’ has to offer as the sky truly is the limit!